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Little About Us

Who We Are

For each celebration, Archana and the team creates a custom event style using elements of color, texture,light & space to establish a strong design that extends far beyond the celebrations.

To communicate our vision,the designers & the creative team uses hand illustrations, narratives, reference images & samples in certain designs, allowing each client to complete connectivity with their event. We understand that collaboration is essential to the full evolution of design and hence the creative process is incomplete without your feedback.

After the planning phase, we at Akrisha Events know that the design is far beyond the aesthetics. A beautiful memorable event is one , that is both visually stunning and also creates an exceptional mesmerizing experience. Thus, Akrisha Events takes a comprehensive approach to design that indulges the way you and your guests will enjoy and interact in the event environment.

Designer's Story

Archana Ganjam

People  often ask me how I became an event planner and I had to narrate them through my journey: After graduating as an engineer, I was working as a Credit card analyst at one of the most prestigious financial institution. Later on I met the man of my dreams and came to this land. ..I started organizing and designing parties and social events for our friends and family ,over the years gained experience. I still remember how I used to stay back and help my teachers and coworkers to organize and design any events held earlier ... ​​There is no exact moment when I wanted to pursue event planning, designing as my profession, as I loved doing every single event I did. Am a keen observer and a perfectionist by nature and my design inspiration comes from my everyday shopping, exploring new places, making new friends,music,nature.I never left an opportunity to learn new things and implement it in my design. I earned my certificate from " Event Leadership Institute”. Am a person who believes creativity comes from the way we see the things around us and Color palette is very crucial for any event.​ ​It would incomplete to take the credit without the inspiration of the important people in my life other than my parents, my brother and my friends. How could I not forget to credit the most important person in my life " My husband - HariKishore and my adorable angels who always inspire me when I'm working at a venue and keep my creative juices flowing...

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